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If you are a woman, a Mother or soon to be Mother, we would like to introduce you to the founding spirit of Emma & Ella. For women to experience Motherhood, on your own terms.

The journey is a special one and here at Emma & Ella, we hope to be a part of your journey as this motivation comes from a personal place for us. 

We want to share these stories with you.

"I transitioned into motherhood in year 2016, and am blessed with 2 daughters which motivated into the creation of Emma & Ella. For me, becoming a mother was an emotional journey. I personally was seeking clarity and knowledge, from educating myself about pregnancy, birth and babycare etc to very intimate issues like personal growth and style, meeting the challenges from my other responsibilities, and balancing new and old relationships. There was a lot of conversations and decisions to be made.

My first pregnancy was the overwhelming one. That was the stage where we go though the routine preparation and got a lot of gears which was either unnecessary or were really a hassle to use and maintain. Also we thought there would sufficient time (10 months seem long!) to prepare but trust me, that is not the case and we ended making rash and ineffective choices as the due date approaches and the stress builds up and the experience eventually affected my postpartum mood as well. 

Comes my second pregnancy and I decided that I needed to trust and take care of myself and be authentic about the choice and actions made for myself, on my own terms. Sometimes the choices was the best, sometimes not so. So I set out, to seek support in forms of relationships and products which works.

I want to feel beautiful in my own body, have high energy and confidence; be passionate about what i do and have the freedom to decide what's best for me. This narrate resounds to a lot of woman out there and I discovered in myself the passion to share this with other women and families.

~ Nat, co-founder of Emma & Ella."

We want to share great lifestyle essentials which supported, brought comfort and joy to our journey with you.

But above all, we want to build relationships and connect with you on this journey that is authentically yours.

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